Emerge2 Infrastructure


Many of Emerge2 Digital's servers and services use a domain name that ends with one of:

  • .emerge2.net
  • .emerge2.com
  • .bongo4u.com
  • .bongo4utemp.com

For example: smtp.server29.emerge2.net

If you need to contact Emerge2 regarding any of these servers or services, please send email to e2eae431aWSS9e9kt-UV9r0U7HXuXUNXTj.0u| to open a ticket. To help us to assist you, please provide as many details as possible regarding the situation, for example:

  • the domain name and IP address of the server/service
  • any notifications or error message(s) that you received
  • the date and time that it occurred
  • what page or URL you were on and/or what you were attempting to do

Thank you!


PS: Information about Emerge2 Digital can be found at website emerge2.com